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Muyo's Block Game

Use your skills to clear rows and beat the clock.
The full version features:
  • Amazing animated backgrounds
  • Tantalizing soundtrack
  • Hours of gameplay (classic and more)
  • Four single player modes
    • Classic - Enjoy the classic game play
    • New - Shapes break apart and glue together
    • Timed - Clear 15 boards of brown blocks before time runs out
    • SuperBlocks - Create gold or silver superblock to earn big bonus points
  • Five two player modes
    • Challenge - Race another player in clearing boards of brown blocks
    • HS Race - Put together superblocks for the highest score in 5 minutes
    • Survival - Who can last the longest with blocks raining down faster and faster
    • Classic Co-op - You and a friend against the CPU
    • Versus - Go solo against the CPU
  • Surprises are sure to popup
  • Option to play fullscreen or window
  • Use a gamepad or the keyboard
  • Share your hi-scores
Download Demo
[Free Demo]
[Only 7.95]
System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 9x,ME,XP
  • CPU: 600 Mhz
  • RAM: 64 MB
  • Video: 100% Windows compatible
  • Sound: 100% Windows compatible
  • HDD: 25 MB free space
Try the free demo to confirm it will run on your system!

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